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As developers of email hacking software, one of the greatest joys we receive is when users of our email hacking tool, Email Hacker, share with us their experiences about how Email Hacker has changed their lives, whether it enabled them to recover their long-lost Email account password or to find out if their spouse or life partner has been faithful.

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User Feedback


Recover Hotmail PasswordLosing access to one’s email account is one of these things where you keep hearing about it but you never actually believe it’s ever going to happen to you until it does! Some time ago, a hacker managed to obtain my password and decided to login into my Hotmail account and change everything, he or she changed the password and all my available Hotmail account recovery options rendering my account 100% inaccessible. Had it been my personal account I would have just given up and made another one but this happened to be the Hotmail email address I used for my online business. I used my Hotmail email account to communicate with suppliers and customers and I had no backup of all the important information I had within. After endless late night Google searches I stumbled upon your website and your email hacking tool, Email Hacker. I was initially very skeptical and what convinced me to give your email hacking tool a try was reading some of the testimonials other users of Email Hacker had sent you, this is also the reason I am writing this testimonial/review because I hope it may help other people in a similar situation to mine to make the right choice and give Email Hacker a try! In my case, Email Hacker hacked back my Hotmail password it what must have been like a few seconds. Thank you for offering such an amazing tool for free! – Katherine G******, Minnesota


Hack GMX PasswordAnyone who has been or is suspicious of being cheated upon, will be able to tell you that the worst part of the entire affair is the uncertainty. This is exactly what happened to me when my wife and mother of my son, start going out to art museums with her boss totally friendly as she claimed as they both had a keen interest in art which I did not. My suspicions were raised by the fact that whenever my wife returned from an outing with her boss to various art events and happened to be sexually aroused, we would have sex and her vagina was unusually loose ONLY during the days she went out with her boss. After about a year and a half of trying to reassure myself that I was just being paranoid, I decided to investigate further and to put an end to my uncertainty. My resolve to end this situation came after stumbling upon your email hacking software, Email Hacker which immediately planted the idea of hacking into my wife’s GMX email account which she used for all her work related email exchanges – including with her boss. I downloaded Email Hacker and to my surprise it hacked my wife’s GMX account password very fast, giving me her plain GMX password which I used to login into her GMX mail account. I never believed hacking someone’s email account could reveal so much, it seems that people believe that email offers the maximum privacy when in fact it doesn’t. My wife and her boss exchanged 100s of steamy, sensual emails which I printed in order to confront my wife about her affair She admitted everything and we decided to try and save our marriage. Thank you for your amazing email hacking tool that helped me save my marriage by hacking my wife’s GMX mail account! – Scott B**********, Germany


Hack Mail.ruEven though I’ve used Email Hacker a number of times for me but also for friends and family, I am sending you this testimonial regarding the first time I ever used your amazing email password hacking software. I first downloaded Email Hacker a year ago in order to recover my Mail.ru email account password after forgetting both my password and the security questions and answers I had provided during sign up, I crossed roads with Email Hacker after a friend referred me to your website and I downloaded your email hacking tool immediately. Email Hacker recovered my forgotten Mail.ru password right away. I am using Email Hacker regularly from that very day. I would like to express my gratitude to the team behind this amazing piece of software! – Yuri A*******, Moscow


Recover Hacked Gmail PasswordHello, I am the owner of a small online business selling car tire valve caps and I am writing these lines as a way of expressing my gratitude for your amazing, free email hacking tool. I found Email Hacker through a Google search after an employee of mine whom I had just fired for using our business PayPal account for personal purchases, right after getting fired logged into my business Gmail account and proceeded to change my password. I started searching for a way of recovering my email password and I then found Email Hacker. Even though I was quite skeptical at the beginning, I decided to give Email Hacker a try and to my surprise your email hacking software actually worked and hacked my Gmail password back for me! Thank you for helping me protect my online “assets”! – Adam S****, New York


Hack RediffmailI am truck driver and I spend a lot of time away from home and my wife. Although my wife never gave me reason to be suspicious I decided it couldn’t hurt to have a way of monitoring her while away from home so I decided to hack her Rediffmail account as she used to spend a lot of time online and if anything was happening there would probably be “traces” online! I tried keyloggers but they failed in hacking her Rediffmail email password, I asked around and was told about Email Hacker, your email hacking tool and I visited your website to give it a try. After downloading it, I put my wife’s Rediffmail email address into it and it hacked her Rediffmail account password very fast. I then logged in into her account and found emails from dating websites she had signed up to. I showed her the evidence and she admitted to having an affair with a man she met on these dating websites who came over while I was away from home working… Thank you for opening my eyes – Ganesh M******, Punjab


Hack Orange Mail PasswordsI am sending you this testimonial as a way of thanking you for your amazing email hacking software, Email Hacker. Even though my first contact with Email Hacker came about a year ago, when I used Email Hacker to help my wife recover her lost Gmail passwords, I am writing this about a more recent experience regarding my Orange Mail password which was changed by a hacker. Email Hacker successfully hacked my Orange Mail account password back for me enabling to restore access to all my work related spreadsheets which I stupidly stored in my Orange Mail account. Thank you for your amazing email hacking software! – Francois Y******, Lyon




Hack Walla Mail Account

I am not a newcomer to the world of Email hacking and have used a number of different email hacking tools in order to achieve my purposes (catching my cheating wife red-handed!), this time I was in need of something different. Here in Israel, my country, Walla.com is an extremely popular email service provider, the bad news was that no email hacking tool I could find on the Internet was capable of hacking Walla Mail passwords since it’s a relatively small service when seen from a Global perspective. Thankfully, I stumbled on Email Hacker through a lucky Google search and to my great surprise the thoughtful people behind this awesome email hacking tool have thought about adding Walla.com to the list of email services the tool can hack! Email Hacker hacked the desired password within minutes, no other hacking tool, even for other more mainstream email providers is so easy and fast, really incredible! – Aaron G*****, Tel Aviv



hack email passwords (4)Wow! Where to start? Email Hacker has left me speechless. I kinda jokingly downloaded your tool to prank a friend of mine by hacking his Yahoo Mail password and to my great surprise, Email Hacker hacked his Yahoo mail password in what must have been a few seconds. I would have never imagined Yahoo password hacking could ever be this easy! – Miranda W*******, Utah




Hack AOL PasswordEmail Hacker saved me from a whole lot of trouble recently, it helped me recover my forgotten AOL password which contained many, many important emails, both of emotional and business value. I tried using AOL’s forgotten password recovery thingy but it didn’t work as it asked me for a security question and answer which I didn’t remember and to my good luck a friend refered me to your website, thanks! – Kevin J********, Chicago



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